90 Days Conscious Communication

The Sacred Partners 90 Day Growth, Love and Conscious Communication Master Program & Workbook will lay the foundation for deepened connection, conscious communication & emotional intimacy throughout your day to day lives together. 

Sacred Partners Podcast

Our podcast is a fun, educational and intentionally crafted for couples looking for healing and growth solutions on how to communicate successfully, deepen emotional intimacy and ignite the embers of  sacred sexuality, over a lifetime!

Free Gift For You

The 5 Stages to Conscious Relationship Mapping Mini Course will gift you the map of where to begin your journey towards growth & ultimately, sacred partnership. Enjoy this introductory gift & welcome to our community of Sacred Partners!

Our Sacred Partners Membership creates the opportunity for couples around the world to tap into new and exciting ways of connecting in their relationship, so they can ultimately grow & evolve into sacred partnership, over a lifetime.

Our community membership includes a growth centered video archive, which includes full programs and masterclasses on communication, emotional intimacy and sacred sexuality, as well as our fun, entertaining and educational couples retreat date nights!

Our Couples Retreat Date Nights will be held monthly, on the last Friday of every month at 8pm eastern standard time, so you'll be able to join the festivities right from the comfort of your own home. Come ready to have fun, laugh, connect, grow & learn something new together!


90 Day Growth, Love & Conscious Communication Masterclass Program & Workbook

This is my grass roots program, which is perfect for couples that are in long term relationships, newly engaged or married. This program will teach you how to consciously communicate as well as successfully build & maintain emotional intimacy in your relationship, over a lifetime. If you're ready to go all in and kick those "not so fun" triggered, defensive or escalated moments to the curb for good in the next 90 days, then this is for you! 


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